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Cap Air Systems are the Air Compressor Industry Leader in Queensland simply because of the depth of knowledge that each of our Team Members provides our Clients. Because air compressor sales and service are the only area that Cap Air Systems concentrate on, our Team of friendly and dedicated Air Compressor Specialists focus their complete attention on providing you with expert knowledge and superior service skills.


Phil Gray

Owner & Air Compressor Specialist

Hi folks, I am Phil and I am the proud Queensland Owner of Cap Air Systems. I was given my first opportunity to diagnose and repair an Air Compressor with the Rockhampton City Council back in the late 70's. That was when my passion for these machines started. During the 80's I ventured out to travel around Australia on a working holiday and was given the opportunity to work for some of the most well known compressed air providers during my travels. In 2001, I decided it was time to return back to Rockhampton where I opened Cap Air Systems Head Office. Since then we have built up a good name for ourselves and we have made a lot of great friends. Today, Cap Air Systems have three Air Compressor Specialists and one Apprentice. Our company has continued to grow year on year, in good economic times and bad. This is simply due to the loyalty and trust of our Clients, many of whom have been a Client of mine for over 20 years or so. If there is ever anything that Cap Air Systems can do to assist your business, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime


Ben Harth

Service Manager

I am an Air Compressor Specialist with over ten years' experience in compressed air equipment. I have been fortunate in servicing a diverse range of industries that rely on compressed air throughout Queensland. I specialise in installations, servicing and repairs to rotary screw air compressors and provide solutions to refrigeration and air treatment engineering. I work directly with all Cap Air System Clients and have the knowledge and skills to cater to all of their sales, scheduled servicing and repair requirements. I believe safety, training and keeping up to date with the latest technological advances is paramount in providing reliable and quality servicing and solutions to our Clients.


Ben Walsh

Air Compressor Specialist

Ben Walsh is my name, compressors are my game. I started my apprenticeship with Cap Air Systems in 2010 and within that time I have continued to develop my knowledge and skills in the maintenance of air compressors. I strive to continue learning at all times as I live my goals for providing professional, safe and excellent sales and servicing. I go above and beyond to meet our Clients’ expectations and I enjoy building strong relationships. I am thankful to Cap Air Systems for allowing me the opportunity to travel all throughout Queensland as we service the mines, mechanical workshops and other various places with both screw and reciprocating air compressors.


Travern Gray

Air Compressor Specialist

My name is Travern and I am the youngest member of the Cap Air Systems Team and I started my apprenticeship with Cap Air Systems in April of 2014. My current career goal is to learn as much as I can while I am undertaking my apprenticeship so that I can finish my apprenticeship as one of the most capable fitters in the industry. I started servicing air compressors from the very first day of my apprenticeship and believe my knowledge and skills have come a long way. I look forward to servicing, repairing and fitting your equipment because I have grown a real passion for my work.

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